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Savvy Auto Dealers Are Boosting Recall Of Radio Ads With Streaming Audio.

Auto dealers are still spending 50%-70% of their ad budget on traditional media, including radio, however, some are following younger consumers to streaming media.

Many of today’s young car shoppers are listening to streaming audio for an average of 2.5 hours a day, according to Jeff Allen, VP of Digital Media at PureCars, which works with ad agencies on digital advertising for automotive clients. Ads placed on these platforms can bring additional reach to advertisers who are already advertising on radio, TV, video streaming, and social media.

“The captive nature of streaming audio is estimated to drive a 41% lift in auto ad recall,” Allen writes in a Wards Auto article.

Additionally, the group notes that the purchasing power of Millennials and Gen Z will expand over the next 20 years. While auto dealers will rightfully continue to advertise on the radio, “for some dealers, streaming audio offers a bridge between the old and the new,” Allen explains.

Including streaming audio in a digital advertising strategy “can be a great new way to reach potential car shoppers,” he continues. As an example, Allen says that listeners who hear auto ads on Spotify are 52% more likely to purchase the new vehicle being advertised.

Streaming audio “can address misaligned advertising strategy allocations and align shopping experiences to customer expectations,” Reed says. “Streaming audio greatly reduces wasted spending, instead reaching customers where they spend their time.”

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