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Retailers, Fast Food Chains Raised Their Radio Weight For July Fourth Weekend.

In the week leading up to the Independence Day holiday weekend, retailers and fast food chains increased their radio presence to reach on-the-go consumers in search of bargains and a quick meal. Five of the top 20 radio advertisers, based on spot volume, were retail chains for the week of June 26- July 2, while three of the top 20 were Fast Casual-Quick Service Restaurants.

Marketing 4th of July savings, the Home Depot logged a second consecutive week at No. 1 with 60,115 spots – double the number it aired two weeks prior. Competitor Lowe’s made AM/FM radio a cornerstone of its July 4th marketing mix with 42,103 spots, climbing 7-4 on the Media Monitors spot count chart. Neither of the home improvement giants placed in the top 10 at National TV or National Cable.

Among department stores, Target (5-6 with 35,240 spot detections) and Macy’s (No. 19 with 21,626) had the fattest radio schedules. Mattress Firm took to the air with 28,694 spots to market its July 4th sale, ranked eleventh. Rival Sleep Number ran 8,446 spots to chart at No. 73.

The run-up to the long holiday weekend saw radio activity from two accounts in the Apparel Footwear Accessories & Retailers category: Skechers at No. 30 with 16,217 airings and The Good Feet store (No. 96 with 5,938). Online retailer eBay placed 19,905 radio ads to land at No. 22.

A total of five fast food chains made the latest top 100 list: Wendy’s at No. 9 (31,282 spots), DQ Dairy Queen at No. 18 (22,741), McDonald’s at No. 20 (21,057), Chick-fil-A at No. 49 (11,090), and Dunkin at No. 71 (8,625).

For the millions of travelers who hit the road to celebrate the long weekend, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ran 14,855 safe driving messages (No. 34) while auto parts retailers AutoZone (No. 17), O’Reilly Auto Parts (No. 64) and NAPA (No. 78) collectively broadcast tens of thousands of spots.

Among alcoholic beverages, the Boston Beer Co. promoted its Twisted Tea hard iced tea while Heineken marketed its “extra refreshing” Heineken Silver beer.

For the week of June 26- July 2, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are the Home Depot at 1, Upside at 2, ZipRecruiter at 3, Lowe’s at 4, Babbel at 5, Target at 6, Boost Mobile at 7, Discover at 8, Wendy’s at 9, and the “Big Sugar” podcast at 10.

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