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Report Delves Into Radio Listening Habits of Country Music Fans.

Country music fans regularly tune into AM/FM radio, with 65% saying they listen three-to-five days a week, and 35% saying they listen one-to-two days a week. Additionally, country radio listeners are three percent more likely than the average listener to tune into morning shows, with 55% saying it is their preferred time to listen, according to the State of Media – Country Radio report from Harker Bos Media.

These country radio fans are multi-tasking while listening to their favorite morning shows – 81% say they are driving while listening, 52% relaxing while listening, 46% exercising, and 34% working already while tuned in.

Country music radio listeners surpass the average listener with extended periods of tuning in, exceeding one hour, with 27% saying they listen for 1-2 hours, and 12% listening for more than two hours, compared to 25% and 9% of overall radio listeners, respectively.

When asked why they listen to the radio, 83% of country listeners enjoy the content, 55% listen for information (news/weather), 48% tune in for local content, and 45% enjoy the variety of content morning shows offer.

These listeners also prefer traditional methods of tuning in, with an overwhelming majority (89%) relying on an AM/FM receiver. The next largest group (51%), listens to country radio via mobile apps, and 29% use a smart speaker.

Approximately half of country radio listeners actively participate in contests, call-ins, or interactive segments, the study reveals. They are also 10% more likely to listen to shows that provide traffic, interviews, and trivia-type contesting. Most are there for the music (86%), followed by 67% who listen for news/updates, and 57% for traffic updates.

“Country listeners represent a tradition-loving and socially engaged segment of radio audiences,” Harker Bos Group writes in conclusion. “Their appetite for variety knows no bounds, as they eagerly access radio through any available means. These enthusiasts actively seek interaction with their favorite stations, craving the latest updates about society. For country fans, the passion extends beyond music to a genuine interest in the world. It’s crucial for country radio stations to prioritize cultivating a strong connection with these listeners, ensuring they feel updated on everything happening around them.”

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