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Report: By Adding Audio Platforms, Radio Listeners Strengthen Engagement With Advertisers.

Attention, advertisers: If you're thinking listening across multiple audio platforms may dilute messaging from radio or other audio mediums, it turns out the opposite is the case, according to a just-released report from Audacy.

With an analysis of various research studies, the report, titled “The Rise of the Cross-Platform Listener,” shows that “radio audiences are adding more audio genres and platforms to their day, giving advertisers additional touch points to connect, inform and entertain.”

Citing data from Edison Research, Nielsen Audio and an online survey Audacy conducted through Suzy Insights in June 2023 – with a sample of 1,241 persons 18+ randomly recruited from a panel and balanced on gender – the report notes the growth of cross-platform listening, with a 66% increase in audiences coupling streaming and podcasts with traditional broadcast radio over the past two years. Among millennials, listening to over-the-air and digital audio has nearly doubled, while GenX listening to radio via streaming is up 96%, with listening to both radio and podcasts up 32%.

Driving these increases is a desire among listeners to dig deeper into their passions and seek personal growth. “Radio and podcast listeners are most likely to be driven by a quest for knowledge, personal development and connection with their favorite hosts and content,” Audacy's report says. “Radio listeners who extend their listening into digital platforms listen to hosts to stay ahead of the curve. They are driven to succeed, making them all the more receptive to new information. These socially-connected, passionate listeners will hear marketers out and share what they hear with their networks.”

As added audio platforms have become habitual while relaxing, cooking, or other rituals — with the report noting that “cross-platform listeners are considerably more likely to make audio their companion in their daily activities” — they are also more receptive to advertising. Cross-platform listeners are nearly twice as likely than average to say they’ve made a purchase based on audio ads in the past year, while seven in 10 say they trust their favorite hosts' product and service endorsements, vs. 46% overall.

“Ads help enhance the listening experience to benefit these curious listeners, across platforms,” the report says. “They are inquisitive and digging in to learn more about their interests and uncover new trends. Listening with such keen interest yields results.”

More specifically, says Audacy, “cross-platform listeners are at the onset of new life events and they are ready to buy.” They're more likely than average to purchase a house, start a family or business, or move to a new city or home. When it comes to planned purchases, they're more likely to spend on vacations, smartphones, household appliances and furniture, along with upgrading audio technology.

Whatever the purchase, cross-platform listeners are looking for advertisers' help. “They will seek information and be discerning with their choices, giving marketers opportunities to reinforce brand messaging, all the while introducing new products and solutions,” the report says.

The takeaway for advertisers? Make certain you're where these listeners are. “Their love of audio, paired with their quest for knowledge, optimism, and drive to succeed, make them all the more valuable for marketing momentum,” Audacy's report says. “The quality of cross-platform audiences is sure to turbo-charge brand performance, [so] the key to success with these intense listeners is to be present across platforms, following their habits, life events and needs for products and services.”

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