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Report: Advertisers Need Media Schooling.

The bulk of advertising execs believe the level of media training for advertisers is either somewhat or entirely unsatisfactory with a “lack of budget” the top reason for the shortcoming. This is according to the 2022 Global Media Training Report, released this week by media and marketing consultant ID Comms.

Despite media growing in complexity, there has been scant progress in media training. The results are largely consistent with previous studies ID Comms fielded in 2016 and 2019.

Beyond a lack of budget for schooling advertisers on media, the report cited as culprits "an inability to find the right training opportunities," and not allocating enough time for media training, according to MediaPost.

Since the survey was fielded in 2019, the biggest training competency gaps are in the areas of ad tech and marketing tech, the report found.

Other training gaps uncovered by the 2022 Global Media Training Report had to do with advertisers’ understanding of how media agencies work and a need to improve proficiency in running media pitches.

Beyond shoring up training, the survey of advertisers found three fourths of respondents agreed that advertisers could improve their media ROI by creating a Chief Media Officer position at their company.

The findings are based on 45 responses from media, marketing, and procurement professionals across a variety of categories. Download the 2022 Global Training Report HERE.

The study underscores the importance of media sales reps guiding clients and prospects through the complexities of today’s media and marketing landscape. “While most local business owners have a really good understanding of their business, their products, their services, their industry and their competition, what they are most confused about is advertising,” says Michael Guld, President of System 21, a professional development program. “They don’t really know why to advertise, where to advertise, how much to advertise, how long to advertise or how to judge a return on their investment.That’s our real job!If we spend more time educating, we do not have to spend as much time selling.And when we help our clients grow their business, our business growth will follow.”

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