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Radio Scores with Advertisers Targeting College Basketball Fans and Their Big Purchases.

The college basketball season is peaking and the Final Four tournament is quickly approaching. A recent proprietary study from Local Sports Insights, a sports research service, reveals the profile of the college basketball fan is men, 35 years of age and older and skewing towards those 50+, household incomes of $50,000+ and most of them $100,000+.

Radio reaches college basketball fans of many ages and household income levels but consistently connects with Gen Xers, according to five representative 2021 consumer/market surveys from The Media Audit. Gen Xers over-index as college basketball fans in these five markets, ranging from 18% more than the market average in Pittsburgh to 53% more in Austin. They also over-index for heavy exposure to radio (180+ minutes during an average day) in all five markets. Millennials and Boomers also over-index in some of these markets.

“The combination of our study and data from The Media Audit strongly support college basketball fans’ attraction to radio,” said Tony Ott, Vice President/General Manager, Local Sports Insights. “Most advertisers want to target Gen Xers because many are reaching peak earning years and are heavy consumer spenders for their families, homes and lifestyles. They listen to radio throughout their busy days. It serves as an important news, weather and informational source as well as their go-to sports entertainment choice for games and sports radio content.”

Analysis of additional data from The Media Audit shows Gen X college basketball fans over-index in these five markets, spending their consumer dollars for a future new vehicle, a major household appliance, a new TV and new furniture.

They under-index for plans to purchase a new home during the next two years because they are more likely to own the home in which they expect to live until they become empty nesters and approach retirement. That is why they are such excellent targets for household items, which may need replacement or they have the disposable income to upgrade these items.

All adults who are college basketball fans also over-index for these large consumer purchases in the five representative surveys from The Media Audit, adding to the branding power of radio for local businesses that want to use their ad dollars efficiently.

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