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Radio Right Tool For Reaching Homeowners Planning Home Improvement Projects.

Americans turned to DIY home-improvement projects when they were stuck at home during 2020 and 68% told The Farnsworth Group and the Home Improvement Research Institute in their May 2021 survey they had started a new project during the last month. Radio is where building supply retailers and remodeling contractors can engage with homeowners planning home-improvement projects for 2021. Both The Media Audit’s 62-Market 2020 Aggregate Survey and more recent Spring 2021 market surveys show 35% to 40% of adults 25–44 planned or are planning any home-improvement project during the next 12 months. Large percentages of adults 45–54 and 55–74 have also planned new projects – and radio is a favorite media with many of them. “Homeowners learned the importance of upgrading their home environment, both interior and exterior, during the pandemic, which led to a surge of DIY projects and the purchase of a multitude of products,” said Jeff Stein, Vice President, The Media Audit. “Now that people are on the move again, radio is the medium they are taking with them, providing retailers in the home-improvement sector a strong channel to engage with DIYers.” Radio’s reach into the home-improvement consumer segment can also benefit contractors and remodelers homeowners are more likely to hire for projects they are unable to do themselves. During 2020, many homeowners preferred not to have contractors and remodelers in their homes, but as the pandemic dissipates, these bigger projects, many of which were delayed, will be back on homeowners’ to-do lists. The following table of selected spring 2021 surveys from The Media Audit shows the prime audience of adults 25–44 who are planning major home improvement projects are even more exposed to radio daily than in the table above. The US home improvement market is forecast to increase 4% during 2021 after a 3% increase last year. This year, the real estate market is driving much of those home improvements. Many recent homebuyers are renovating their new homes, especially those who need more space for working from home. Homeowners are fixing and remodeling to maximize the price of selling their homes.

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