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Radio Rides With Cycling Enthusiasts.

Although the cycling industry has also been impacted by the same supply chain and inventory issues of many other industries, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis reports a 21.4% increase in personal consumption of “bicycles and accessories” during 2021 to a total of $9.04 billion.

Bicycling was one of many outdoor activities that attracted Americans during the past two years. According to The National Bicycle Dealers Association’s Bicycling Buying 2021 Consumer Research Study, 42.6% of cyclists during 2020 and 2021 were women, and 33.4% were first-time cyclists and 22% started cycling again from before the pandemic period. This enthusiasm creates many opportunities for dealers to service, sell accessories and upsells of newer models.

As very active Americans, cyclists bring radio with them for the ride. Data from five of The Media Audit’s 2021 consumer/market surveys show adults 18+ who were biking/cycling during the past four weeks over-indexed for heavy exposure to radio (180+ minutes during an average day) at 136, on average. They also over-indexed substantially, on average, for heavy exposure to other audio media as well as OOH.

Audio streaming (180+ minutes during an average day) – 123

Podcast listening (180+ minutes during an average day) – 150

OOH (200+ miles during an average week) – 132

Displaying this data by generation reveals strong indices in all five representative consumer/market surveys.

“Our extensive, proprietary survey results also reveal cycling is an activity for the affluent. Their average household income is almost $80,000 and those with incomes of $100,000 or more over-indexed, on average, at 149,” Greg Cobb, West Coast Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Adult cycling enthusiasts also over-index significantly for participating in other outdoor and physical activities, providing advertisers in this retail vertical with many cross-promotional campaigns.”

Another valuable insight from The Media Audit data is the strong correlation between adults who were biking/cycling during their past four weeks and their work status, especially those working from home some days per week. They have the flexibility in their daily schedules to take a break and enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, it motivated many Americans to increase their participation in outdoor activities, such as cycling. The Media Audit says bike dealers and sporting goods stores can engage with large, new audience segments very effectively on radio.

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