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Radio Reaches Women Shopping for Apparel In-Store and Online.

Silverback Strategies’ post-2020 holiday shopping season consumer survey found almost as many respondents said they shopped for apparel in-store (68.3%) and online (59.5%). Radio reaches significant percentages of women 18+ who shopped for clothing in-store or online during the past four weeks, according to data from five representative 2021 market/consumer surveys from The Media Audit.

The Media Audit data supports the Silver Strategies’ results, as an average of 20.2% women 18+ shopped for apparel in-store and an average of 19.4% online. The first table correlates these results for women 18–24, 25–44 and 45–64 who shopped in a local store with their daily radio listening reveals. Generally, all three age groups show strong listenership.

“Based on the table above, advertisers should be aware radio reaches older women shopping for clothing in-store as much and sometimes more than younger women,” said Jill Medina, Southwest Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Another important trend revealed in our data is radio reaches women who are shopping for clothing in-store in significant numbers in almost every income range and many with higher incomes.”

The second table shows radio listenership among women who shopped for apparel online during the past four weeks. Again, it’s interesting to note the oldest age group (45–64) has larger percentages of radio listening than some of the younger age groups.

In some of these markets, radio also reaches large percentages of the youngest women (18–24) who shopped for apparel online during the past four weeks, although many women in this age group listen to audio streaming services.

The Media Audit data also reinforces a trend already evident before the pandemic and accelerated by it: retail shopping for many consumers is in-store and online and not in-store or online. Radio is the medium to engage with these women regardless of where they shop for apparel, which will be particularly important for advertisers during the 2021 holiday shopping season.

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