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Radio Reaches Pandemic-Era Bar and Nightclub Patrons.

Radio is able to achieve excellent reach of bar and nightclub patrons in markets that have faced restrictions and safety protocols during the pandemic. A data comparison from The Media Audit’s 60-Market 2020 Aggregate Survey reveals reach percentages in selected markets, ranging from 72.8% in New York to 94.6% in Boise, ID.

“Although many restaurants have been able to adjust with more curbside and delivery services, bars and nightclubs can’t survive without patrons sitting in these establishments,” said Jeff Stein, East Coast Marketing Manager. “Radio’s extremely strong reach of the entire population allows bars and nightclubs to maximize patron foot traffic today and will be critical to welcoming old and new patrons once restrictions are lifted.”

A valuable attribute of The Media Audit’s market surveys is many are conducted in medium and smaller markets – and radio in some of these has a better reach than the five large markets in the table above.

Bar and nightclub patrons are adults on the go and radio is the most mobile of all major ad media. The combination has been unbeatable during the past and is ready to help fill these establishments again.

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