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Radio Listeners Love a Cold Brew During a Hot Summer.

As more people participate in outdoor activities and family gatherings during the summer, beer continues to be a favorite beverage choice. According to Information Resources Inc., total U.S. beer sales increased 9.5% for the 52 weeks ending May 16, 2021.

Radio listeners also enjoy a cold brew and the data from five of The Media Audit’s Spring 2021 surveys reveals adults 25–49 are the prime target audience. More than 90% of them in some of the five selected markets drank one or more beers during the past week and listen to radio daily.

Surprisingly, as shown in the table below, the percentage of adults 25–49 listening to radio daily actually increased as they consumed more servings of beer.

“The correlation between summer activities, radio listening and beer consumption has always been strong. Summer 2021 is the first since 2019 when people could continue that tradition and our consumer surveys support that trend,” said Jeff Stein, East Coast Markets Manager, The Media Audit. “The return of full-season sports schedule during the summer is also a driver of increasing consumption of beer and the trend bodes well for the fall 2021 sports calendar.”

Additional Spring 2021 data from The Media Audit of the same five selected markets reinforces the relationship between radio listening, beer consumption and being a fan of the major professional sports leagues.

Although the National Football League (NFL) may come top of mind, larger percentages of some beer-drinking sport fans are daily radio listeners than those who favor the NFL.

Reaching beer drinkers and those who are avid sports fans on radio is not only an opportunity for beverage retailers and on-premise establishments, such as sports bars and restaurants. It is also the right combination for many other brands and retailers, such as vehicles, apparel, sporting goods and powersports, to attract consumers with above-average disposable incomes.

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