Radio Leads All Media In Weekly And Monthly Reach, According To Nielsen Analysis.

Nielsen's latest cross-media analysis shows that with a monthly reach of 93% and a weekly of 87%, radio continues to stay ahead of other media, including live + time-shifted TV, smartphone app/web and CTV.

The results of Nielsen's Audience Insights Report, as reported by Katz Radio Group, measures media reach during fourth-quarter 2021 among persons 18+ based on total U.S. population.

“The media landscape is certainly evolving, and radio is a mainstay in it,” Katz's report says. “There continues to be a dominant place for AM/FM radio in consumers' lives.”

Taking audio as a whole – so including not just AM/FM and encoded radio, but also streaming audio for both ad-supported and ad-free subscription services, podcasts and satellite radio – monthly reach moves to 99% of adults 18+. That's still ahead of total TV usage – including live + time-shifted TV, DVDs, game consoles and internet-connected devices such as Roku and AppleTV – at 96%.

Says the report from Katz, “As audio and video media have evolved, audio's diverse offerings have truly captured consumers' attention, with AM/FM at the core.”

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