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Radio Is Where Realtors Will Find Home Sellers.

Realtors have been flooded with home buyers, but what realtors need are more home sellers – and radio is where to engage with them. According to the National Association of Realtors May 2021 Realtors Confidence Index, 32% of surveyed realtors expect “strong” seller traffic during the next three months.

The Media Audit’s 62-Market 2020 Aggregate Survey revealed 61.7% of adults who plan to sell their home during the next two years are 18–49, as many first-time owners are ready to move to a bigger home as their families grow and their incomes increase. Realtors shouldn’t overlook home sellers 50+, which are the remaining 38.2%, because they are likely to have those bigger homes younger buyers want.

Of those adults 18–49 planning to sell a home during the next two years, approximately 80% are daily radio listeners.

“Listings of homes for sale are realtors’ bread and butter. Often, they not only attract buyers, but also provide realtors with the opportunity to sell their homes,” said Nick Miller, Vice President, The Media Audit. “As the pandemic wanes, more people will be on the go whether returning to work and commuting and enjoying outdoor activities – and radio will be their primary companion medium.”

The data from The Media Audit survey also shows regardless of the market value of sellers’ homes, they are still very active daily radio listeners, even those with homes of the highest market value.

Realtors certainly rely on the internet and social media, specifically, to engage sellers and buyers of residential homes, but radio is where to reach sellers and drive them to realtors’ websites and social media pages for the detailed information they seek.

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