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Radio Is Top Measured Media In America, With A Weekly Reach Of 85%.

The latest Nielsen Audience Insights data from fourth quarter 2022 show radio continues to play a dominant role in consumers' lives – even as the media landscape evolves. Consistent with all previous versions of Nielsen's cross-platform views, radio earns the title of the No. 1 measured media in America, with over 217 million adults tuning in weekly, or 85% of the adult population. Radio holds the top spot for adults 35-49 (87%), and adults 50-64 (90%) and second place for adults 18-34 (79%) and adults 65+ (85%).

Keep in mind that these are weekly reach figures or the percent of the U.S. population reached by radio in any given week. Radio’s monthly reach is higher, clocking in at 93% of adults 18+, 87% of adults 18-34, 93% of adults 35-49, and 98% of adults 50+ in fourth quarter 2021, according to Nielsen N POWER, Nielsen RADAR, Nielsen Total Media Fusion.

Back to the weekly reach numbers, radio reaches 7.7 million more adults 18+ than its closest competitor, smartphone app/web. Television, the only other traditional media on the list, comes in 21.2 million below radio for adults 18+, with its reach spanning from as low as 56% of adults 18-34 to as high as 92% of adults 65+. And in what Katz notes is a relevant reminder for those who work in front of a computer all day, 58 million more adults 18+ engage with radio each week than with internet on a computer.

“Nielsen's Audience Insights data serves as a reminder to marketers that there continues to be a prominent place for AM/FM radio in consumers' lives,” Katz says in a post of its relaunched Sound Answers blog. “Consumers of all ages are engaging with AM/FM content, and as the landscape evolves, they will have more options for listening to radio content across their favorite media platforms – from OTA, to smartphones, to TV-connected devices.”

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