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Radio Is the Perfect Companion for Dieters.

More Americans have been focused on their health and wellness during the pandemic. A December 2021 Morning Consult survey found more than one-third of 2,000 U.S. adults said they had adopted a specific diet and the largest share (19%) was eating less meat.

Radio and its many music formats can give dieters a lift whether they are shopping for and cooking new healthy foods, exercising more or improving their mental health.

The average age of frequent dieters (four or more times during the past year) was 48 and their average income was $69,700, according to data from five 2021 representative consumer/market surveys conducted by The Media Audit.

The four primary generational groups indexed at approximately the market average of 100 or greater: Gen Zers (97), Millennials (100), Gen Xers (110) and Baby Boomers (109), indicating dieting has a broad appeal across almost all age groups.

Heavy exposure to radio (180+ minutes during the average day) strongly correlates with the three youngest generations of dieters. The Media Audit data also reveals Baby Boomers in two of the representative markets who are frequent dieters also over-index for heavy exposure to radio.

“Because radio reaches many demographics of dieters, it can be a very effective and efficient medium for advertisers selling a wide variety of products for dieters,” said Nick Miller, Midwest Market Manager, The Media Audit. “From more healthy choices at the supermarket to exercise and other sporting goods equipment to apparel for physical activities to health club memberships, radio connects advertisers with the increasing number of adults dedicated to being healthier.”

An additional set of data from The Media Audit’s five consumer/market surveys shows heavy exposure to radio specifically penetrates adult dieters with the largest household incomes. They have the disposable incomes to purchase whatever products and services will help them achieve their dieting goals, including travel to upscale health & wellness spas.

The musical environment radio creates for dieters allows them to concentrate on their health regime with fewer distractions, The Media Audit says, and connects advertisers to an often-affluent audience ready to spend consumer dollars to lose pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

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