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Radio Is the Leisure-Time Companion of Amusement Park Visitors.

As fans begin to return to amusement/theme parks during late spring and into the summer, many will add the on-the-go medium of radio to their travel gear. According to multiple reports, many of the major parks, including Disneyland, are planning to reopen during late April. Data from selected market surveys from The Media Audit reveals how amusement park visits decreased significantly from 2019 to 2020, but those loyal fans were still listening to the radio at relatively the same rates.

“Amusement/theme park visitors are a diverse group – from teens and young adults who want the thrill of rides and adventures to the wonder in the eyes of small children during a family outing to the quality time shared by grandparents and their grandchildren,” said Nick Miller, VP, The Media Audit. “This diversity creates many opportunities for businesses and retailers to use the power of radio to reach these audiences efficiently and effectively.”

The next table of adults by generation who visited an amusement park during the past 12 months and listened to at least one hour of radio daily shows Millennials and Gen Xers had the largest percentages in most of the selected markets. They are more likely to have children, which results in more amusement park visits, and spend time in the car traveling to and from a park – listening to the radio.

For many types of businesses and retailers, the combination of radio and amusement/theme park visits, and the associated travel, is an excellent opportunity to engage with this captive audience having fun and in a positive mood and, obviously, with discretionary income to spend.

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