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Radio Is Secure Medium to Reach Americans Who Want to Protect Their Home and Family.

Protecting one’s home and family was a primary focus of Americans even before the pandemic, which only intensified during 2020. The November 2020 issue of Security Sales & Integration reported 94% of security firms said they sold a professionally installed, professionally monitored residential security system during 2020.

The Media Audit’s 2020 62-Market Aggregate Survey found large percentages of Americans who plan to install an alarm/security system during the next 12 months in their homes of varying market values listen to radio daily.

Interestingly, the table below shows Americans with homes of modest value and much greater value who plan to install an alarm/security system listen to radio daily at relatively the same rates.

“The pandemic was a catalyst for a significant increase in home improvement projects as well as concerns about security and privacy,” said Jeff Stein, VP, The Media Audit. “Although burglaries generally decreased across the country during the pandemic, according to government and university studies, some municipalities still reported a significant number of home burglaries and car thefts.”

An unprecedented number of Americans remained at home throughout the pandemic as well as the many who plan to continue to work from home post-pandemic. With most of their children also at home, parents wanted to feel secure.

Another group of comparative data from The Media Audit’s 2020 62-Market Aggregate Survey reveals adults with children at home of any age and planning to install an alarm/security system listened to more radio than adults in other “stages of life.”

As the pandemic wanes, security firms will find it beneficial to market their alarm systems and many security services on radio to reach homeowners who will be more likely to allow contractors inside their homes.

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