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Radio Is a Smart Media Buy to Reach Smart Speaker Buyers.

Comscore reported a 70% increase in internet users who own one or more smart speakers, from 28% (August 2019) to 48% (August 2021). That ownership rate is only likely to increase – surprisingly, among men more than women – and these target audiences over-index for heavy exposure to radio (180+ minutes during the average day).

All of these insights are revealed when analyzing data from five representative 2021 consumer/market surveys conducted by The Media Audit.

Averaging the indices in these five markets for men 18+ and women 18+ who plan to buy one or more smart speakers during the next 12 months shows men over-index by 13% while women under-index by 12%. Unsurprisingly, in both genders, Gen Zers and Millennials over-index the most, on average, among all men and women planning to buy a smart speaker.

Men 18+

Gen Z – 131

Millennials – 143

Gen X – 107

Women 18+

Gen Z – 142

Millennials – 164

Gen X – 92

Displaying the data for heavy exposure to radio by age group shows men 35–54 (older Millennials and Gen Xers), planning to buy a smart speaker, over-index the most, on average, in these five market surveys. Conversely, women 35–54 under-index substantially, on average, at 77; however, women 18–34 over-index by 8%, on average, compared to only 2% for men 18–34.

“The Monterey-Salinas, CA market data is particularly interesting since 43.1% of all adults there are Latinx Americans,” said Jeff Stein, Vice President/Director of Sales, The Media Audit. “Our survey provides a rare glimpse into Latinx Americans’ buying behaviors not just for smart speakers, but also other electronics as shown in the second table below.”

Among all adults 18+, there is a strong correlation between those planning to buy one or more smart speakers during the next 12 months and purchasing other consumer electronics.

Advertisers can benefit from this correlation by bundling a smart speaker with these other consumer electronics at a special price or reducing the price of a smart speaker with a qualifying purchase of a computer, TV, tablet or other home electronics.

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