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Radio Creates a Big Splash for Swimming Pool Builders.

Some swimming pool builders experienced a 400% increase in leads during 2020, as many homeowners wanted to enhance their outdoor living space during the pandemic. Radio was certainly the ad medium to engage with these homeowners, according to the results of The Media Audit’s 62-Market 2020 Aggregate Survey.

The data revealed 53.9% of all adults who installed a swimming pool, hot tub or spa during the past 12 months were 25–44, or 28.2% 25–34 and 25.7% 25–44. As the following table shows, radio reaches significant percentages of even the youngest age group who installed a swimming pool, hot tub or spa.

“As the pandemic wanes and the general economy and jobs market improve, many homeowners will be adding a swimming pool, hot tub or spa to their outdoor living space,” said Jill Medina, Southwest Market Manager, The Media Audit. “New contracts for swimming pool builders will start to moderate from last year’s peak, but industry analysts expect an annual 3% growth rate for the 2021–2025 period.”

The Media Audit’s 62-Market 2020 Aggregate Survey also includes data for how much adults 25–44 spent for their new swimming pool, hot tub or spa and the table below correlates that spending by daily radio listening by dayparts. Notice how radio listening during these dayparts increases as homeowners’ spending increased.

Many homeowners have and will continue to learn from their pandemic experience and improving both their inside and outdoor home environment will be a priority. Plus, a sunny, warm post-pandemic summer will encourage many of them to enjoy life to the fullest.

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