Radio Connects Retailers with Engaged Couples and Their Big Spending Plans.

The Wedding Report 2021 estimates 2.469 million weddings for 2022, the highest total since 2008, and radio is where retailers can maximize their share of the major purchases these couples are planning.

Data from representative 2021 consumer/market surveys from The Media Audit indicates adults 18–44 are the primary age group who are engaged/being married, ranging from 65.9% in Houston to 82.5% in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Because these younger adults are highly mobile, radio is a primary medium that accompanies them throughout their day.

“The hundreds of thousands of weddings postponed during 2020 because of the pandemic not only adversely affected wedding services businesses, but also the many retailers selling a myriad of products and services newlyweds purchase to create a household or enhance their existing households,” said Jill Medina, Southwest Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Q4 2021 and into 2022 is when these businesses and retailers will want to market themselves aggressively to connect with this niche audience that is ready to spend.”

The next table reveals three in 10 or more of these adults 18–44 who are engaged and being married are planning to buy a home during the next two years, which is why similar percentages are buying the major products required for a home. They are also buying products not listed in the table, such as flooring, housewares, accessories, décor accents and outdoor furniture.

Although adults 18–44 are the prime target for both wedding services and home-based products and services, there are significant percentages of adults 45 and older who are engaged and being married in many of these and other markets. They may be establishing a new household or merging two existing households, creating an important secondary audience for these major purchases. They are also likely to have larger incomes to spend for higher quality and upscale products for their homes.

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