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Radio Ads With Synthetic Voices? New Platform Brings AI to Broadcast.

For all the innovations in audio production in the past several years, using synthetic voice technology to create radio advertising might actually represent a major step forward. That's what Adthos promises in their just-released ad sales platform, Adthos Creative Studio, which the company calls the first browser-based digital audio workstation designed to create targeted broadcast-quality, AI-generated commercials.

According to Adthos' press release and audio demonstration featuring sample ads, Creative Studio is able to target ads based on location, demographics and, using dynamic data insertion, changing conditions such as weather, sports game results or pricing catalogues and inventory. Initially, users will have access to a library of 40 synthetic voices specifically trained for use in audio advertising, including professional voiceover artists and on-air talent such as iHeartMedia's Skip Kelly from WXKS-FM Boston and KIIS-FM Los Angeles.

“This might be the most exciting project I’ve ever been involved in,” Adthos CEO Raoul Wedel says. “It feels really good to put some power back in the hands of traditional broadcasters, giving them the tools to compete with online and big tech companies.”

According to Creative Studio's creators, the platform offers more than just a text-to-speech tool, allowing users to bring audio to life with comprehensive mixing tools including trimming, equalizers and compressors, and advertisers and broadcasters to collaborate online to create and edit targeted ads combining music, live recording and synthetic voices.

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