RAB's Fatherly Advice: Use Radio to Target Dads.

When it comes to radio, every day is Father's Day, or so suggests the data presented in the Radio Advertising Bureau's latest “Radio Matters” blog, “Tips for Targeting Dads.” RAB reports that 3 out of 4 dads with children under 17 listen to broadcast radio, and that fathers are 41% more likely to have streamed a broadcast station in the past month, 37% more likely to have listened to live radio on a smart speaker and 36% more likely to have visited a station, program or radio personality’s website.

“The best way to reach these dads is with radio,” RAB Senior VP/Insights Annette Malave says. “When targeting these radio-listening dads, advertisers should keep in mind what matters to them. They have strong personal feelings about family and life.”

Research cited by RAB from the National Retail Federation shows that come Father's Day, with apologies to James Brown, Papas are even more likely to get a brand new bag. Based on NRF's 2021 survey, total Father's Day spending is projected to pass the $20 billion mark for the first time, up 18% from 2020's $17 billion. Average per-person spending is expected to increase 17% or $25.52, from 2020's $148.58 to $174.10 for Father's Day 2021.

While clothing, electronics, home improvement items, sporting goods and automotive accessories are expected to top gift lists, RAB reminds advertisers that dads themselves should be targeted given their shopping habits. According to research presented in “Radio Matters,” three-fourths have shopped for any men’s clothing, and nearly one in three have spent $50-$149 on athletic shoes. Dads are 10% more likely to have done home improvements and 23% more likely to have done remodeling. As for car care, 21% have had their brakes serviced and 12% have installed batteries themselves.

RAB's blog also points out that 85% of dads believe spending time with their family is their top priority, and 63% feel life should be as much fun as possible. “Weaving these emotional themes into radio ads for any advertiserwill increase the personal relevance of that brand, which will increase brand recall and affinity,” Malave says. “This is sound advice to target dads – not just for Father’s Day, but for every day of the year.”

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