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RAB: Radio Can Help Clients Score Big This Super Bowl.

The excitement of the Super Bowl brings with it many opportunities for radio, from game-day broadcasts to ancillary marketing opportunities for local clients – especially those that cater to two of the most important aspects of the yearly NFL finale – food and drink.

According to MRI-Simmons, 75% of sports fans who say they are “very interested” in the NFL tune into the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl via AM/FM radio. Data also shows that 72% of these listeners enjoy cooking, and 58% would rather prepare a meal than eat out.

“Supermarkets can tap into these at-home meal makers by promoting recipes and goodies available in-store or online,” RAB Research & Insights Assistant Nick Arias writes in a post on the trade association’s Radio Matters Blog.

Others would rather have the game day meal prepared for them and opt for a fast-food run or curbside pickup at a local restaurant.

Based on MRI-Simmons data, 95% of adults 18+ who listen to the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl regularly on the radio have visited a restaurant in the last six months. Of this group of listeners, 63% have purchased dinner at a fast-food restaurant, while 48% said they have ordered takeaway from family restaurants and steakhouses.

To wash it down, 77% enjoy their meal with a carbonated soft drink, and more than half (54%) opt for bottled water. Of those over the legal drinking age, 58% of NFL Playoff and Super Bowl radio listeners have had a drink of distilled liquor in the past six months, while 52% have cracked an ale or beer.

“Regardless of the age group or beverage of choice, beverage distributors, convenience stores and supermarkets should highlight the deals and broad beverage selection in their messaging to help drive traffic and sales to their locations,” Arias suggests. “Excitement is in the air, and as people prep for Super Bowl Sunday, radio can help food and beverage retailers score.”

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