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Put A Ring On It: Radio Reaches Jewelry Consumers.

With the holidays fast approaching and Valentine’s Day following close behind, jewelry is top of mind for many gift-givers during the coming months. According to a survey this year by The Plumb Club, on average a consumer will buy one to three jewelry items each year, spending nearly $1,300.

Radio has the reach and provides the frequency to reach these consumers.

According to Scarborough data, 85% of the total U.S. population shopped in a jewelry store in the past three months. The percentage rises for African-American and Hispanic consumers, where 87% have shopped for jewelry in a store in the past three months.

“With the big holiday shopping season approaching, jewelry retailers should make note of consumer preferences and influences,” RAB Senior VP of Insights Annette Malave writes in a blog post.

Analytic Owl conducted a research project that analyzed more than 38,000 radio ads that ran from January through September 2023 and found that radio campaigns increased jewelry retailers’ website activity by 9% and increased new site visitors by 11% for every day the commercials aired.

The study revealed that radio drove the highest web lift for new users on weekends, with 11,400 new users/website visitors on Saturdays, and 10,200 on Sundays during the January-September time frame. Mid-week ads drove the next highest number of new users with 10,000 on Wednesdays and 10,7000 on Thursdays.

Looking at dayparts, it’s afternoons that work the best for jewelry clients, with over two new visits for every spot aired, followed by mornings which account for nearly two new visits per spot aired. Middays provide the highest number of new users, followed by evenings, and overnights.

“Since consumers will window shop online prior to going in-store, jewelry retailers should make note of days and dayparts to help encourage that online search,” Malave suggests.

The website traffic converts to in-store traffic, with Analytic Owl reporting that consumers browse online but prefer to shop in-store. The study found that radio reached 85% of adults who shopped at any jewelry store in the past three months.

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