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Promotion For ‘The Idaho Massacre Podcast’ Puts It At No. 5 Among National Advertisers.

“The Idaho Massacre Podcast,” which is distributed by iHeartPodcasts, makes its debut at No. 5 among all national advertisers with 34,213 spots aired, according to Media Monitors. The podcast debuted Aug. 9 and is publishing new episodes each Wednesday.

The latest data also reveals a huge week-over-week increase for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which moves from 59th last week to fourth this week with 36,223 spots aired.

Back-to-school time is also turning out to be the season of back-to-work as ZipRecruiter moves from third to first among national advertisers the week of August 14-20, airing 39,230 spots. Babbel remains second with 37,103 national ad instances, followed by Grainger, which is up from fourth to third with 36,256 spots played nationally.

The bottom five include The Home Depot, which remains the sixth with 31,772 commercials aired nationally. Vicks moves from 12th to seventh (31,651), followed by Discover at No. 8 with 31,128 spots played during the week of the report; Staples moves up from 13th to ninth with 27,349 commercial instances and Pfizer rises from 19th to 10th, with 27,005 national radio spots.

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