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Progressive, Home Depot Roar Back Into Radio’s Top 10 Advertisers.

The first full week of 2021 brought a familiar brand back to the list of radio’s top advertisers. Progressive, and its irrepressible spokesperson Flo, leapt to No. 3 for Jan. 4-10, up from No. 77 the week before, putting it in the driver’s seat among auto insurance companies in the latest Media Monitors tally.

Progressive ran 50,445 spots in the 110 markets measured by Media Monitors, after taking a bit of a holiday breather in the Dec. 28, 2020-Jan. 3, 2021 period, when it aired just 7,842 ads. That put Progressive back in the upper reaches of the chart where it typically resides, ahead of Liberty Mutual (No. 8), GEICO (No. 10), Allstate (No. 12), USAA Insurance (No. 19), State Farm (No. 27), PMC Protect My Car (No. 70) and American Family Insurance (No. 98).

The Home Depot also got back to biz as usual, returning to the top 10 with 34,607 commercial occurrences, moving 25-9 for the week.

Language learning app Babbel, a heavy radio user during fourth quarter 2020, jumps 3-1 to grab the top spot on the tally.

Procter and Gamble, one of radio’s largest users, has a total of 13 brands on the new list, led by Vicks at 15 with 25,723 detections. Regulars ZzzQuil (22), Bounty (23), Olay (32), Tide (36), Microban (37), Crest (38), Swiffer (43), Pepto-Bismol (83) and Prilosec OTC (87) are joined by relative radio newcomers from P&G, including Always Discreet (63), Stressballs (72), and Align (93).

For Jan. 4-10, 2021, the top 10 on the Media Monitors compilation are Babbel at 1, iHeatRadio at 2, Progressive at 3, Bank Of America at 4, Centers For Disease Control & Prevention at 5, Indeed at 6, “Solve” podcast at 7, Liberty Mutual at 8, The Home Depot at 9, and GEICO at 10.

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