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Premiere Networks and George Noory Launch Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

George Noory, whose radio show “Coast to Coast AM” is the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America, is giving people something to listen to around the clock. Noory and his syndicator Premiere Networks have partnered to launch the Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. The agreement includes a slate of podcasts focused on the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained.

“We’re excited to partner with George to expand the ‘Coast to Coast AM’ brand with this new podcast network, creating a platform for new programing focused on the fascinating world of the paranormal,” said Julie Talbott, President of Premiere Networks. “This new network will provide us with the opportunity to further engage and entertain George’s broad-reaching, worldwide audience.”

Co-produced by Noory and his longtime Coast to Coast AM Senior Producer Tom Danheiser, the new network debuts with three new podcasts. “With these new programs, and more to come, we’re focused on producing the best content for paranormal fans,” said Noory. “There’s so many facets of this entertaining and intriguing format, and we’re excited to kick off the network with three fan favorite guests from ‘Coast to Coast AM’ who are experts in their fields – Sandra Champlain, Joshua P. Warren and Heidi Hollis.”

The first shows in the lineup, and their accompanying descriptions from Premiere, include:

  • Shades of the Afterlife: What waits for us on the other side? That's a question that people have asked for ages. Each week on Shades of the Afterlife, host Sandra Champlain discusses what to expect when we’re called to leave this planet.

  • Strange Things: Paranormal researcher and author Joshua P. Warren explores the strangest phenomena in – and out – of this world. Each week, he dives deep into bizarre tales of telekinesis, stories of hauntings, encounters with extraterrestrials and more.

  • Dark Becomes Light: Therapist and author Heidi Hollis, who named and defined Shadow People and Hat Man, investigates paranormal experiences and their connections.

Each of the podcasts will have new episodes posting on Fridays.

“We have some great shows and talented hosts, and there will be more to come as the network grows,” said Danheiser. “We can’t wait to share the Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network with our millions of fans across the globe.”

Noory has hosted “Coast to Coast AM” for Premiere Networks since January 2003. The show airs from 1-5am ET each weeknight. It features discussions on news and current events, as well as paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abduction, and unexplainable things. Noory is also the author of several books and he hosts the weekly “Beyond Belief” television show on GAIA TV that explores the unknown and mysteries of the universe.

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