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Podcasts Became An In-Car Listening Option For This Summer’s Road Trips.

As summer draws to a close, a new survey examines how in-car podcast consumption fared during American’s summer road trips during the past few months. Half the country (49%) took at least one extended road trip during the summer months involving overnight stays at their destinations, according to a new Katz Radio Group survey of persons aged 18-64. By far, AM/FM radio had the most listening, with two-thirds saying they listened to either broadcast radio or a station webcast. Podcasts were an in-car entertainment option for 14% of those surveyed. That is double the 7% that listened to audio books but podcasts trailed pureplay streaming services (35%), satellite radio (32%), and owned music (20%).

Listening to audio was a group activity on road trips – Katz says only one in ten road trippers reported driving alone. And nearly nine in ten (88%) listened to audio through the car's speakers, as opposed to headphones or earbuds.

Deciding what to listen to in the car was, for the most part, a group decision – 56% agreed that everyone in the car had a say, while one-third said the driver decided what people in the car listened to.

Despite record high gas prices in the month of July, road trippers embarked on an average of two trips this summer, and 74% traveled outside of their home state to do so. These extended road trips lasted an average of five days, Katz says.

An earlier Katz survey of in-car behavior during July Fourth weekend showed 12% listened to podcasts while in the car during that holiday.

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