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Podcast Listening Benefits From Multitaskers New Survey Shows.

Audio has benefited for decades from being a media that people can consume while doing something else. It’s why AM/FM radio remains the king of the car. Podcasts are enjoying that position too, as Americans carve out more media time while they are doing something else. New research from YouGov says at the top of that list is household chores, with nearly half (49%) of Americans saying they listen while working around the house.

As it gets easier to listen to podcasts in the car, there is also a growing number of people who listen to podcasts while on their commute. YouGov says 42% of the people it surveyed said they listen to podcasts on their way to and from work. That is followed by working out and cooking and baking, both at 29%.

YouGov says that even though most use occasions look the same among both genders, it did see some significant differences for a few. Women are more likely to listen to podcasts while doing household chores (55% vs 43% of men) and while cooking and baking (35% vs 22%). At the same time, men are more likely to listen to podcasts while working out or doing sports (32% vs 26%).

How old someone is also a factor. YouGov says 47% of listeners in the 18-34 and 35-49 age groups listen to podcasts while commuting compared to 24% of those aged 50-64 and 20% of those aged 65 and older.

Sleep is where older listeners dominate. YouGov says 27% of podcast listeners above the age of 65 listen before going to sleep compared to 19% of those aged 18-49.

According to data from YouGov, the majority of Americans now listen to podcasts, with 14% listening once or more a day and another 14% listening every week. The data also points to a shrinking number of non-listeners. While that number totals 47% of Americans, YouGov says that is down from 55% in its Jan. 2020 survey. It says data from the YouGov Media Outlook Report also points to continued growth as 14% of Americans say they’ll listen to more podcasts in the coming year.

The YouGov survey confirms other research showing younger listeners have adopted podcast listening at higher rates. It says 27% of those aged 18-34 listen at least once a day and another 26% listen once or several times a week.

Americans in the 35-49 age group rank second, of which 45% listen to podcasts once a week or more. Listening drops off among older age demos. The survey shows half of 50-64-year-olds and 62% of those older than 65 saying they do not listen to podcasts at all.

The YouGov data is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire.

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