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Podcast Examines How A 12-Story Condo Could Collapse In Florida.

A little past midnight on June 24, 2021, a Surfside, FL condominium complex suddenly collapsed to the ground killing 98 people in a matter of minutes. A new podcast from Treefort Media and the Miami Herald called Collapse: Disaster in Surfside will investigate what went wrong.

The podcast is a 12-part investigative and narrative reporting series. Through exclusive interviews with survivors, witnesses, forensic engineers, first responders, and journalists, as well as rarely heard 911 calls and police body camera recordings, the reporters dig deep to present evidence and get the whole story about what happened that night and why. The series is hosted by journalist Paul Beban.

“The collapse of the Champlain Towers condo was a heartbreaking tragedy that prompted critical questions about safety and engineering of these kinds of buildings and thousands of other buildings like it around the world,” said Treefort CEO Kelly Garner. “Treefort Media and the Miami Herald follow this ongoing investigation, seeking answers to what happened that night.”

Treefort Media and the Miami Herald have teamed with AdLarge to distribute and monetize the show.

“This type of true investigative reporting and frontline coverage is asking the hard questions, digging deeper than before, and bringing new initiatives and solutions so something this catastrophic doesn’t happen again,” said AdLarge co-CEO Cathy Csukas. “Paul and the teams at Miami Herald and Treefort Media have created a profoundly captivating and comprehensive story that we’re looking forward to sharing with our advertising partners, and listeners worldwide.”

Collapse: Disaster in Surfside debuted this week. New episodes in the series will be released every Tuesday.

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