Podcast Ad Rates Rose 7% In December Thanks To Year-End Flood Of Ad Spending.

The cost of podcast advertising ticked higher last month as December brought the usual year-end flood of seasonal ad spending. AdvertiseCast says the average CPM rate for a 60-second spot was $23.78. That was a two percent increase from the $23.35 average recorded a month earlier as the end of the year traditionally has the highest CPMs of the year. The December average was also up seven percent from a year earlier when the average CPM was $22.31.

“Podcast advertising rates inched up in December, a common occurrence with such a high demand month,” said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at AdvertiseCast.

According to AdvertiseCast, podcasts with between 1,000 and 9,999 downloads per episode had the best CPM last month at $25.67 -- a four percent month-to-month increase and the highest average monthly CPM logged since AdvertiseCast began tracking the metric in 2020.

For shows with between 10,000 and 99,999 downloads the average CPM last month was $24.08, a one percent rise month-to-month. And for shows with 100,000 downloads or more per episode the average CPM was $21.58 in December, a two percent increase from November.

“We continue to be bullish on rate stability in 2022 as we see more and more highly affordable opportunities for direct response advertisers to partner with small and mid-sized podcasts this year,” said Hanley in the announcement. “These relevant and influential shows will continue to be the heart of podcast advertising, creating fantastic opportunities for brands to reach highly engaged listeners,” he said.

AdvertiseCast bases the cost per thousand or CPM from actual sales data from across the 2,200+ podcasts in the AdvertiseCast marketplace. While there are month-to-month fluctuations, it says the typical one-minute ad has a $25 CPM while a 30-second ad typically has an average $18 CPM.

The rates, which are denoted as cost per thousand or CPM, are derived from actual sales data from across the more than 2,300 podcasts in the AdvertiseCast marketplace.

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