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Pod Digital Media Expands Into Live Events Business.

This year has brought a return to live podcast tapings and that has opened a door for Pod Digital Media, which has begun to work with advertisers to monetize the reach that podcasters are getting, not just through downloads, but also in-person events. The multicultural podcast rep firm works with more than 400 shows hosted by Black and Hispanic podcasters, and it sees the live-taping sales effort as another way to help creators monetize their work.

The first live-taping activations will begin during HBCU’s Homecoming Week at Jackson State University in late-October and then continue through other major events such as Miami’s Art Basel, Super Bowl LVII, and NBA All-Star weekend. Pod Digital Media says the activations will benefit podcasters and advertisers alike by providing an in-person experience that blends the authenticity of audio content and key events with live in-person curated episodes.

“With multicultural creativity thriving in the current global economy, we are excited to expand the network with more opportunities for creatives to grow their businesses and help brands with relevant exposure to the right audiences,” says Gary Coichy, founder and Head of partnerships for Pod Digital Media. “By tapping into these cultural moments, we’ll revolutionize the future of podcasting. The value of cultural alliance will allow us to stay true to our mission of effectively ensuring that content creators remain in alignment and potential brands they wish to work with.”

Coichy says they will also further the reach of those live-tapings through video versions posted on YouTube. He also sees an opportunity to create custom versions of the episodes for different publishers. The live-taping program was just announced, but Coichy says several big-named advertisers such as Home Depot, McDonald’s and Pepsi have all expressed interest for the HBCU tapings next month.

During those events that they are billing as the House of Pod, attendees to the live-tapings will have access to a series of high-level conversations and discussions by podcasters, including current and former athletes who are turbocharging the audio content industry. The events will also feature creative workshops and hands-on learning experiences for those looking to start their own podcast, along with several networking sessions.

Pod Digital Media is planning future House of Pod events to coincide with Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, International Women Month, Black Music Month.

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