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Pineapple Street Releases New Podcast Series ‘The 11th.’

Audacy-owned Pineapple Street Studios is creating an unconventional new podcast series that issues one new show each month. The only consistent variable is the date it is released: the 11th of the month. Otherwise, each cycle will bring a new shape, length and style for the shows.

“We’re looking for pitches to help us shape the early months of the show,” it said in the announcement. “We want to present original reporting, personal stories, musicals, advice columns, miniseries, concept albums and whatever else you’ve got. A piece may be 5 minutes, it may be 75 minutes. It may be one episode or three episodes. But every month it will be something new.”

Even as it casts a wide net, Pineapple Street says “The 11th” will be “selective” in what it chooses as it searches for projects “that feel new and ambitious” and are told by the person pitching them. It adds that not all ideas merit a 10-part series or a weekly podcast. The new product is expected to launch this summer.

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