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Peabody Awards Nominate Nine Podcasts And Radio Shows For 2023 Award.

The Peabody Awards Board of Jurors has announced its nominees for the podcast and radio categories with a list of eight pieces of audio journalism making the cut. The nominees for the 83rd annual Peabody’s encompass a wide range of pressing issues, including America’s exit from Afghanistan, the impact of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling, the state of education, what happens in a community after a mass shooting event, and a first-person account of being stalked. The nominees were chosen by a unanimous vote of 17 jurors from over 1,200 entries from podcast, radio, and other media.

Here are the Peabody Award nominees in podcasting and radio—

  • Kabul Falling. Afghans themselves tell the story of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in August of 2021 in this eight-part series. Released one year after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the podcast documents the shockwaves that reverberated throughout the country as thousands of Afghans were forced to leave their lives behind for a hellish journey to survive. Project Brazen and PRX

  • APM Reports: Sold a Story. Host Emily Hanford investigates a widespread method of teaching kids to read that was proven ineffective by scientists decades ago, but continues to hold sway over schools across the country because of the influential authors who promote it and the company that sells their work. American Public Media

  • Still Newtown. A portrait of a community coming together after unspeakable tragedy, this 11-episode podcast chronicles Newtown, Connecticut, twenty years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left 20 children and six adults dead. From dealing with the overwhelming outpouring of stuff sent their way—letters, stuffed animals, donated clothing—to building a permanent memorial. WSHU Public Radio

  • Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s. Investigative journalist Connie Walker delves into her own family history and uncovers the trauma passed down through generations as part of one of Canada’s darkest chapters, the residential school system for indigenous children, showing the ways that personal secrets and national shame reinforce one another. Spotify & Gimlet Media

  • Stories of the Stalked. Artist, filmmaker, and dancer Lily Baldwin hosts this six-part podcast in which she takes a true-crime approach to her own experience with being stalked, showing the terror of being relentlessly pursued by someone who claims to love you, the difficulty of reporting it to police, and the uncertainty of knowing when the ordeal is really over. Audible and Ventureland

  • The Divided Dial. WNYC Studio’s On The Media produced this five-part series about how one side of the political spectrum came to dominate talk radio, and how one company, Salem Media Group, is launching a right-wing media empire. On the Media/New York Public Radio

  • The Heist: The Wealth Vortex. The second season of the podcast The Heist titled The Wealth Vortex” follows entrepreneur ReShonda Young’s efforts to address America’s longstanding racial wealth gap by opening the first Black-owned bank in the country in 20 years—and the many obstacles she faces along the way. Center for Public Integrity and Transmitter Media

  • This American Life: The Pink House at the Center of the World. On the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the public radio program and podcast had exclusive access inside the clinic at the center of the legal case, Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, showing what happened as patients and staff received the news. This American Life

  • Nine Days In A Michigan Abortion Clinic. As Michigan voters were about to decide whether to codify abortion and broad reproductive rights in the state constitution, Michigan Radio illuminated what was at stake. With a rare degree of access to the Northland Family Planning clinic, reporter Kate Wells guided listeners through every step of the abortion process and its emotional complexity. Michigan Radio

Of the 69 total nominations overall, PBS produced the most with 13, followed by HBO Max (6), Apple TV+ (4), Disney+ and FX (3 each), and ABC, Channel 4, Netflix, and VICE (2 each).

“From hilarious and heartfelt comedies to interactive and immersive stories that leverage technology to create gripping narratives, Peabody is dedicated to recognizing compelling stories across the media landscape,” said Jeffrey Jones, Executive Director of Peabody. “After another groundbreaking year of storytelling, we are proud to honor some of the many compelling pieces of media that led us forward. A reflection of the effort and talent of their creators, the nominees entertained, informed, and inspired, all demonstrating the immense power of a great story.”

The winners of the 83rd annual Peabody Awards will be announced on May 9 and then celebrated on June 11 at a ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. This will be Peabody’s first in-person ceremony since 2019, as well as the first time ever in its 83-year history that the awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles.

The Peabody Awards are based at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Read the full list of nominees HERE.

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