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‘Paper Ghosts’ Returns With New Season That Points To New Suspect In Cold Case.

The chart-topping investigative true crime iHeartPodcast Paper Ghosts, is back for its fourth season starting today. Executive-produced, written and hosted by M. William Phelps, the fourth season of Paper Ghosts will take listeners deep into the heart of the Ozarks: Bella Vista, Arkansas and Pineville, Missouri.

In the season, iHeart Says Phelps will put boots on the ground, investigating 18-year-old Dana Stidham’s 1989 murder and 22-year-old Shauna “Grace Doe” Garber’s 1990 murder. The podcast will feature never-before-heard archival law enforcement audio, revealing previously unknown information about these 30-plus-year-old cold cases. Culled from over 50 hours of interviews, aside from Phelps’s regular cast of sources—friends and family members of the victims; law enforcement; cleared suspects; prosecutors and attorneys; journalists; and more—iHeart says Phelps will unearth a potential new suspect and will confront the man with the evidence he’s gathered against him. 

“I’ve been a victims’ advocate my entire career, and crime victims’ stories are at the forefront of what I do,” Phelps says. “In Paper Ghosts, I’ve always strived to tell the underlying story of what happened and who is responsible. The unexpected always comes up. I spend years on these cases, developing sources, digging for new information, with the goal of finding answers for family members. This season, I made it a priority not to settle for the long-held beliefs that these cases are unsolvable—and a confrontation with a man I believe could be a prolific serial killer responsible for many additional murders.”

The eight-part series will also include several special bonus episodes. New episodes will be released Wednesdays for the next seven weeks.

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