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P&G has Eleven Brands Among Radio’s Top 100 Advertisers.

Procter & Gamble is already the biggest marketer on radio, airing more than eight million spots during January and February in the 110 markets tracked by Media Monitors. For the week of May 10-16, Cincinnati-headquartered P&G placed eleven different brands among the latest Top 100 radio advertisers, led by cleaning products Swiffer at No. 12 with 26,880 ad occurrences. Dish soap Dawn was next at No. 34 with 17,085, followed by Crest toothpaste at No. 35 (16,927), Charmin toiletries at 44 (14,895), household cleaner Mr. Clean at 52 (12,524), Bounty paper towels at 56 (12,180), oral hygiene products Oral-B at 57 (11,387), sleep remedy ZzzQuil at 59 (10,734), Tide laundry soap at 74 (8,521), nutritional supplement Stressballs at 76 (8,138) and odor eliminator Febreeze at 79 (7,850). For all of 2020, P&G was ran a whopping 23.1 million spots in monitored markets on radio, broadcast TV and cable, compared to 18.9 million during the prior year, according to Media Monitors. At radio P&G ran 5.3 million spots last year, second only to the U.S. Government in spot volume.

Last week iHeartMedia announced its signature iHeartRadio Music Festival would return as a live, in-person event Sept. 17-18 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Though performers and additional details haven’t been announced, the tent-pole event is getting plenty of promotional firepower with 35,753 promos airing in the most recent week to rank at No. 5 on the latest tally.

Meanwhile, after debuting at No. 8 with 32,479 spots the week prior, Uber Technologies dials that down slightly to 29,415 in the latest compilation. Uber, which has previously only dabbled in radio, is running a campaign offering additional financial incentives to recruit drivers for its food delivery service.

Upside Services, a digital platform that personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce, began to make radio part of its media mix last November and has been a consistent user ever since, ranking No. 13 on the latest list with 26,315 spots.

As Americans gear up for summer road trips, three auto parts stores have a prominent position on the airwaves, led by O’Reilly Auto Parts at No. 20 with 20,512 spot occurrences, followed by AutoZone at 24 (19,911), and NAPA at 48 (13,916).

For the week of May 10-16, 2021, the top 10 on the Media Monitors tally are Indeed at 1, iHeartRadio at 2, Progressive at 3, Babbel at 4, iHeartRadio Music Festival at 5, “Ridiculous History” podcast at 6, GEICO at 7, “The Piketon Massacre” podcast at 8, ZipRecruiter at 9 and Uber Technologies at 10.

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