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P&G Expands Investment In U.S. Radio To Include 13 Brands.

Four years after it returned to U.S. radio, Procter and Gamble has set a new record for the number of brands advertised on the air. The consumer packaged goods giant has 13 different products on the latest spot count tally from Media Monitors, which tracks national advertising in 110 markets. Add up all of the spot occurrences in P&G’s lucky 13 and you get nearly 200,000 airings, 192,641 to be exact – in one week.

That’s almost as many as the top four paid advertisers at the top of the chart.

Leading the P&G brands on the air for the week of Sept. 27- Oct. 3 is cold remedy Vicks, which more than doubled its spot count to 36,083 as cold and flu season makes its unwelcome return. That sent Vicks flying 39-7 on the chart. It’s followed by dish detergent Dawn at 24 with 19,184 spots, then skincare product Olay at 37 with 16,191 spots. Cleansing and household products Swiffer (15,251) and Bounty (14,493) are in back-to-back positions at 39 and 51, respectively. They’re followed close behind by two more products from that category: Mr. Clean (No. 42, 14,032) and Microban (No. 43, 13,210). Laundry soap Tide (No. 45, 12,976), toothpastes Oral-B (No. 49, 12,432), and Crest (No. 50, 12,355) are next. Rounding out the P&G radio entries are remedy ZzzQuil (53 with 11,601), laundry soap Cascade (73, 8,810), and nutritional supplement Nervive (99, 6,023).

During a Radio Show panel in 2017, one of P&G’s top media and marketing execs said the CPG goliath wants to reach as much of America as it can, once a week. While TV had been its media cornerstone, John Fix, then Analyst/Manager—North America Media & Marketing at P&G, said TV was a costly investment that was no longer able to reach the entire population. “The brands are looking to get the reach they want and they can’t get it with TV,” Fix said. “Knowing that, radio seemed to be an option.”

Four years later, the company, which is famous for its vast media research arsenal to track the impact of its campaigns, appears only to be increasing its presence on AM/FM radio.

For the week of Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2021, the top 10 on the Media Monitors compilation are iHeartRadio at 1, DuckDuckGo at 2, iHeartRadio Music Festival at 3, Indeed at 4, Upside Services at 5, Progressive at 6, Vicks at 7, the “Dougherty Gang” podcast at 8, the “See You in Your Nightmares” podcast at 9 and Capital One at 10.

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