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Out-Of-Home Workers Nearly Three Times More Likely To Be AM/FM Listeners.

One-third of people working outside of home are listening to AM/FM radio as opposed to other options, compared to just 12% of at-home workers. Those at-work numbers exceed 40% for out-of-home workers who are more likely to be ratings participants, nearly four times that of those working from home.

These are other findings are from a study conducted in early January by research and marketing firm NuVoodoo, which will present the results, currently teased in a short promotional video, during a free webinar on Feb. 16.

“The data has clearly shown more upside for radio when the focus is on the out-of-home audience,” NuVoodoo Executive VP Research Analysis Leigh Jacobs says.We found that two thirds of our total sample reported working outside the home most all days of the week, and less than a quarter working from home at a similar rate, but likely ratings participants over-indexed significantly.”

The breakdown revealed in NuVoodoo's teaser shows that during the survey period – when people were returning to work after the holidays, and the COVID Omicron variant was starting to spread rapidly – 51% reported working mostly outside of home, and an additional 15% reported working out of home most days and sometimes from home. Those percentages are significantly higher – 59% and 16%, respectively - among likely ratings participants spending an hour or more daily with broadcast radio.

“As Omicron cases peak and recede, the portion of the radio audience that offers more impact to stations' monthly report cards is best found as influenced outside the home, in cars and at work, especially during critical weekday prime listening periods,” NuVoodoo VP Marketing PJ Kling says. Adds Jacobs, “Listeners commuting and working outside the home will determine whether the Nielsen game is won or lost.”

Reservations for NuVoodoo's webinar on Feb. 16 at 1pm ET can be made HERE.

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