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On Air Fest Expands Beyond Creator-Focus Events With Plans To Host Podcast Experiences.

The team behind the On Air Fest, the annual Brooklyn showcase for podcast creators, is expanding its focus to the people who love podcasts around the country. It is launching a new arm of the organization dedicated to live audio experiences. Called On Air Presents, the live podcast tour will debut next month with a series of live shows in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington.

“Podcasting is shaping the cultural zeitgeist, so this is the right moment to expand ways in which fans can engage with their favorite shows” says Scott Newman, Founder and Creative Director of On Air Fest and work x work, the parent agency behind the event. The organization also says that On Air Presents will help podcasters and networks connect and engage deeper with their audiences and create new revenue for audiences. And for advertisers, these verticals will allow them to capitalize on the power of live storytelling and reach the most engaged audiences.

The first tour is focused on the Design Matters with Debbie Millman podcast. Launched in 2009, the TED-produced show is about how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives. For the live tour Millman will be joined by writer Roxanne Gay and other guests. For years, Millman has been a staple at On Air Fest’s flagship festival in Brooklyn interviewing podcasters, and On Air organizers say building on these successes was the natural way to introduce On Air Presents to the world.

“I have been hosting Design Matters for 18 years and my live episodes have been some of my favorites,” Millman said in a statement. “I couldn't think of a better time or better team to conduct my first ever tour with.”

The tour kicks off September 18 in New York, with events set for Boston (Sept. 19), Washington (Sept. 20) and Philadelphia (Sept. 21). Get Ticket details HERE. In the coming months, On Air Presents says it will announce other live podcast tours, exhibitions, pop ups and immersive experiences designed to bridge the gap between audio and audiences.

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