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NPR Targets Global Podcast Fans Through Expanded Distribution Deal With Spotify.

NPR’s podcasts may already be available outside the U.S., but the public broadcaster is looking to boost international listening and so it has expanded its relationship with Spotify. NPR podcasts have been available on the Spotify app since May 2018, and now the new distribution deal will stream a selection of about two dozen shows to Spotify users internationally.

NPR says the appeal of the deal was the 320 million users that Spotify has around the globe, including in some countries where it purportedly now has a larger share of the podcast listening market than Apple Podcasts. The NPR announcement said their agreement covers “most countries around the world.”

Even though only roughly half of NPR’s podcasts will be available internationally on Spotify, the list includes some of its most listened-to, such as the morning news podcast Up First, The NPR Politics Podcast, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! (see the full list HERE). Spotify has also created a Best Podcasts from NPR playlist that showcases a variety of episodes produced by its shows.

Last month NPR announced Radio Ambulante, the only Spanish-language podcast it produces, would go international via Spotify to grow the show’s audience outside the U.S. "Most of the 180 episodes we have produced on Radio Ambulante come from Latin American countries. Coming to Spotify is opening the door for many more people in the region to hear our stories and discover that diversity that connects us,” said Radio Ambulante CEO Carolina Guerrero.

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