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Nielsen Study: Consumers Ready To Spend; Brands Ready To Advertise.

Expanding on insights revealed earlier this month on the “Ready-to-Go” segment of American consumers – those who have been consistently out and about and on the go during the pandemic – Nielsen says this segment is “ready to mask up, leave home and get back to a lifestyle that’s not hampered by crisis—albeit safely.”

As earlier reported by Inside Radio, 53% of Americans, the “Ready-to-Go” segment, believe that life is starting to normalize and they’re ready to resume typical behaviors, which include shopping and spending more. Those who fall within this group also feel more confident about avoiding risk and staying safe when they leave their homes.

In the October study conducted by Nielsen Audio, an overwhelming portion (94%) plan to resume normal activities in the next month, with the same amount saying that stores that had been closed are starting to open again. Of the total population, 84% are seeing stores open again and 63% were planning to resume some normal activities in November.

The findings that show consumers ready to resume spending are in line with recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), which indicated $201.4 billion in consumer spending growth in September, Nielsen says. While consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of the country’s economic activity, it’s also a huge part of getting back to normal routines. Third quarter economic growth was also driven by more than $3 trillion in federal pandemic relief funds and the downward trend in the U.S. unemployment rate.

Advertisers are also aware of the renewed appetite of consumers. Nielsen notes that many brands have “re-configured and jump-started their marketing efforts for life in the new normal.” While categories such as healthcare and e-commerce were obvious beneficiaries, Digiday reports that new marketing initiatives have been launched by Volkswagen, Expedia and General Motors.

As noted in our earlier report, the “Ready-to-Go” consumers are heavy users of AM/FM broadcast radio and fall within the prime target audience, between the ages of 25-54 with children, earning more than $100,000 annually and working outside the home. This cell of consumers is 48% more likely to make a major purchase, like an appliance, and they’re 45% more likely to visit a car or truck dealership, Nielsen says.

The latest numbers show stability in listening location. For a third month in a row, 69% of listening occurred out of home and 31% in-home, in line with the ratio back in March.

In its release, Nielsen says “the big takeaway here is that amid the many headlines about the shift to streaming, radio—and its listeners—represent America’s resilience and a desire to move forward.”

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