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Nielsen: Radio Most Powerful Medium For Reaching Black Americans.

Nielsen's latest “Audio Today” report shows radio leading all measured media in terms of reaching Black American consumers 18+ and 18-34, while tied or competitive with television in the 35-49 and 50+ demographics, respectively. In all reported demos, radio reaches at least 90% of Black Americans, ahead of TV (live and time-shifted) among Blacks 18+ and smartphones among 18-34s.

In each of these four age brackets, total use of audio – including AM/FM radio, streaming services, satellite radio and podcasts – meets or exceeds 96%, hitting a 99% reach high among Black consumers 18+ and 18-34, as reported in the latest Katz Radio Group “Sound Answers” blog.

“The AM/FM radio audience makes up the vast majority of Black Americans' total audio reach,” Katz's report says. “With levels of 90%-93% among the major demographic breaks, AM/FM radio is the only audio platform that can deliver the scale advertisers need among Black Americans.”

Only among Black American consumers age 18-34 is the reach of other audio media aside from AM/FM as high as 9%. “Radio continues to maintain a dominant place in the evolving media landscape of Black Americans,” says Katz's blog. “Not only radio, but audio's diverse offerings are truly capturing consumers time and attention, with AM/FM at the core. Radio listeners contribute significantly to the total audio audience, making radio a must for advertisers in their audio mix.”

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