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Nielsen: Radio Keeps Its Edge Over All Other Measured Media Platforms.

While other measured media options may loom large, with digital choices strong and television still a factor, it's radio that remains on top when it comes to weekly reach, according to Nielsen's Audience Insights data for third quarter 2023.

An analysis from Katz Media shows that with an 84% reach of adults 18+, radio maintains its lead over smartphone app/web, and keeps its distance from TV-connected devices, television (live+time shifted), computer internet, and tablet app/web.

Based on Nielsen's data, radio reaches more than 214 million adults each week, ahead of all other digital or linear measured media. It takes a slightly larger lead over smartphones in the adults 50-64 demographic (89% vs. 86%), while the two tie among adults 35-49 (86% each). In the youngest and oldest demos, radio places second to smartphone app/web among 18-34s, reaching 77% vs. the latter's 83%, while in the 65+ segment radio's 85% reach is second to television (live+time shifted)'s 90%.

It's worth noting that the smartphone app/web platform, the biggest challenger to radio in most demos, encompasses video-based, social networking, and streaming audio app/web users within its audience, which means it therefore also includes consumers of AM/FM radio's digital content.

While adults 18+ may also use computer internet to stream AM/FM stations, Nielsen's data shows that more – specifically, 56 million more – are engaging with radio. Television, meanwhile, lags behind radio by 30.5 million among 18+, hitting a reach low of just half (50%) of 18-34s.

“Nielsen's Audience Insights data serves as a valuable ‘media report card,' informing marketers and industry insiders that radio continues to hold a prominent place in the media landscape,” Katz's report says. “Consumers of all ages engage with AM/FM content, even as their behaviors trend towards digital options.”

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