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New Tool Allows Branded Podcast Creators To Gauge Impact Before Episode One Debuts.

Audio analytics and research platform Veritonic is expanding its focus on podcasts with a new outreach to producers of branded shows. It has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered tool within the Veritonic platform that will offer pre-market insights for brands that delve into the emotional resonance, recall, and engagement of their audio content. While a lot of podcast analytics in the market already allow brands to track how their branded series is performing, Veritonic says its tool will help them better optimize their content for maximum impact, ensuring that every element of their branded podcast captures the attention of their target audience.

What Veritonic is calling its competitive intelligence solution will also give brands access to a wealth of data related to their competitors' audio ads, distribution channels, and audience response. It says that comprehensive and proprietary information can equip brands with the necessary tools to craft promotional ads that not only capture attention but also resonate with their target audience.

“Branded podcasts are an incredibly effective vehicle for telling a brand’s story and increasing its reach,” CEO Scott Simonelli said. “Similar to the creation and optimization of audio logos, audio ads, and podcast ads, data should be at the root of every decision that a brand makes around their podcast – from ideation to promotion and everything in between.”

The AI-powered creative measurement solution will sit alongside Veritonic’s built-for-audio brand lift and attribution solutions, which allow brands to gauge if the ads they are using to promote their podcast are meaningfully increasing their reach and impressions, and if their call to actions are resulting in URL clicks, show shares, social media follows, and other measures of success.

“We are committed to continuously innovating our platform and the data it provides to enable brands to make more informed decisions across all channels and formats where audio is utilized, while increasing their ROI,” Simonelli said in a statement.

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