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New Black Effect Series Isn’t About The Success. It’s About The Journey To Get There.

Coline Witt, serial entrepreneur and founder of Nick Cannon’s Celebrity High Magazine, has teamed up with Charlamagne Tha God’s and iHeartMedia’s the Black Effect Podcast Network to launch a new original podcast titled Eating While Broke. The new podcast challenges selected self-made celebrities, entrepreneurs and influencers to recreate the meals they made and ate when they were struggling and broke.

“This show is for people like me who really hope that ‘you are what you eat’ is super false because if not, 20-year-old me was definitely a day-old dollar taco,” says Witt. “I hope this show inspires the audience to laugh while celebrating how far they’ve come or feel encouraged to dream big -- even when dinner is cereal.”

The interview format podcast will take the listener on a journey through guests’ inspirational and often humorous tales of success, failure and perseverance on their way to finally “making it.” The first season interviews and topics will include social media creative juggernaut and Zeus network founder DeStorm discussing the rise and fall of social media network Vine over syrup sandwiches, as well as platinum selling recording artist Kid Ink talking success and the different “Mama I made it milestones” with “pizza toast.” There will also be a conversation with MTV star Chanel West Coast sharing how she became a celebrity while folding t-shirts at her day job over a cheese quesadilla. Other guests include platinum recording artist Sevyn Streeter, Wild N’ Out’s DJ DWreck, comedians Timothy “DeLaGhetto” Chantarangsu, RIP Michaels and more.

“My friends and I would reminisce about the different hurdles we overcame. During those conversations, we’d often cry laughing at ourselves over the ‘brokest’ things we ate on that journey and the creativity that went into some of those meals,” said Witt. “Some of us grew up poor, others were diverting resources into college, starting businesses or trying to make a career happen and some worked long days and came home to empty refrigerators at night. Either way, the rags-to-riches stories kept my attention like no others and I loved hearing them … and sharing them. So often you hear about the success but not the climb.”

Episodes of Eating While Broke will be produced as in-studio interviews and, in some cases, directly from the interviewees’ homes. The podcast will also be available in video format on YouTube.

“This is our first food-related podcast to debut on the network, and we're excited to bring this new genre to our listeners,” said Dollie S. Bishop, President of Production and Creative Development for The Black Effect Podcast Network. “We've all had to start somewhere, and 'Eating While Broke' shows how resilience and determination can take you to the top. Some of today's notable media stars will leave millions of listeners inspired, laughing, and with a new budget-friendly recipe. Who doesn't love hearing rags-to-riches stories?"

The podcast will debut on January 20, with new episodes released every Thursday on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are available.

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