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NAB Launches ‘You Belong Here’ Recruitment Campaign.

In an effort to attract a more diverse, dynamic and inclusive workforce to the broadcast industry, the NAB and its Leadership Foundation have launched the “You Belong Here” campaign.

"‘You Belong Here’ is our commitment to growing and diversifying the broadcasting industry, and showcasing its wide range of career opportunities,” NAB President/CEO Curtis LeGeyt said in a release. "Our goal is to attract a broad range of talent, showcasing broadcasting as a career that provides unique opportunities to make meaningful contributions to local communities across the country. We are excited to empower a new generation of broadcasters dedicated to innovation and community service."

The campaign aims to address the critical need for fresh and diverse talent in broadcasting with resources and tools available to stations to attract a broad spectrum of candidates and promote job opportunities in the industry.

A digital toolkit is available that includes a 30-second customizable spot, long-form video for classrooms or career fairs, social media, and digital assets and messaging. The resources direct job seekers to the You Belong Here website, where they can learn more about careers in the industry with thousands of career opportunities highlighted in both large cities and small towns.

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