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MRC Revokes Accreditation For Triton’s Webcast Metrics Local Service.

The Media Rating Council has revoked accreditation for Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Local service. The certification had previously been suspended. The MRC said it made its decision in August, although the news was only made public this week in quarterly update of actions. It also reported that the accreditation of Triton’s Webcast Metrics service has been suspended since May 2 pending the resolution of “non-compliance situations.”

The MRC did not say what the non-compliance issues are, but Triton’s Webcast Metrics offers clients such data as Total Listening Hours, Cume, Cume Rating, Average Time Spent Listening, Session Starts, Active Sessions, Average Active Sessions, Average Quarter Hours and Average Quarter Hour Rating.

John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton Digital, told Inside Radio they are working to regain full accreditation for its national product in a process that has said to be complicated, time-consuming and expensive for media companies.

“Triton Digital has previously submitted multiple products for MRC accreditation. While we will no longer seek accreditation for the local market version of the service known as Webcast Metrics Local, Triton’s widely adopted Webcast Metrics basic service will continue to be submitted for accreditation,” said Rosso in a statement. “Triton remains committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable service,” he said.

In a separate case, the MRC said at Nielsen’s request its Digital Ad Ratings service was move from accredited status to a six-month hiatus status. DAR – which measure such things as the impressions a digital display or video ad receives – will not be accredited during that period.

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