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Most Listen To More Than One Podcast. Here Are The Shows With The Most One-And-Done Listeners.

One and done. That may not be the typical podcast listener experience, but Edison Research says among the third of Americans aged 13 and older, some only listen to one podcast title each week. No show has more listeners in that camp than Ascension’s The Bible in a Year podcast. The daily show hosted by Father Mike Schmitz, a Catholic priest from Minnesota, has lots of listeners who dip into podcasting just to hear a bit of the Bible.

Edison Podcast Metrics estimates that an average of three in ten of Schmitz’s listeners do not listen to any other shows during a given week. 

“Podcasting allows so many unique voices to find their audience, often in a manner that no one else might have considered. That a priest in Duluth, Minnesota could build a very large and clearly very devoted audience is just one of so many examples of how podcasting fills in spaces in the content universe and sometimes finds large spaces that no one else could see,” Edison says in a blog post.

Religion plays a role in other podcasts that attract casual podcast listeners. Edison says SiriusXM’s Joel Osteen Podcasthas the second largest number of listeners who do not consume any other shows. The series is hosted by the Houston Pastor and his wife, Victoria.

Blaze Podcast Network’s Unashamed with the Robertson Family has the third-biggest number of listeners who only listen to one podcast. It features a West Monroe, LA, family that shares their Christian faith and Bible study with listeners. 

The other two shows on Edison’s top five of one-and-done shows are very different. 

Dirty Mo Media’s The Dale Jr. Download ranks fourth. It is the weekly show hosted by race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. And the on-demand version of iHeartMedia’s syndicated The Steve Harvey Morning Show rounds out Edison’s list.

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