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Monster Joins Employment Services Targeting Radio's Large Job-Seeking Universe.

Ad agency Arnold Worldwide's first ad campaign for online employment service Monster aims to re-introduce the brand to a primarily Millennial and Gen Z audience with radio part of the media mix, along with linear TV, digital, display, social and out-of-home placements.

Based on recent radio ad activity and the still-strong need to fill openings in the workplace, Monster's timing couldn't be better. Helping to make online employment services one of radio's strongest ad categories are Indeed and ZipRecruiter, both among the medium's top advertisers to date in 2022, with both services having placed over 110,000 spots during one week in April.

What's bringing these services to radio is its success at reaching job seekers across various formats, including classic rock and classic hits, adult contemporary and news/talk. That's based on research from 2021 that also shows four in five job seekers regularly listen to AM/FM radio.

Monster's campaign focuses on what Arnold calls “the sentiment that the old ways of working are relics from the Dark Ages,” with spots that take this idea literally. Its first TV ads feature a "junior scribe" who is asked to milk a goat for his supervisor's coffee, and staff on a renaissance-era assembly line discussing raises and how to address their medieval boss.

"The past two years have forced a lifetime of progress," Monster's Global Chief Marketing Officer Elliott Seaborn says. "The definition of what constitutes the right job fit has changed for people, and candidates are now elevating those opportunities that best align with their lifestyles, their values, and their priorities.” Arnold Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Sean McBride adds, "Things we took as standard practice now seem like relics from the dark ages. Monster is the original disrupter in the category, we're so glad to get the chance to partner with them to reignite their category-challenging ways."

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