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Moen and Exergen Return To Airwaves In Latest Spot Count Tally.

A quick scan of radio’s top advertisers for the week of Sept. 20-26 shows many of the usual suspects, including privacy protection service DuckDuckGo, insurance providers Progressive and GEICO, home improvement retailer Lowe’s and fast food chain McDonald’s in the top 10. But dig a little deeper into the Media Monitors tally and there are a handful of surprises.

Moen, which makes faucets and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures, ends a 10-month radio drought, parachuting in at No. 14 with 22,551 spots. That marks a considerable increase from the last time Moen was on the air the week of Nov. 16-22, 2020 with 16,117 spots to rank No. 34.

Thermometer manufacturer Exergen is also back on the air, for a second consecutive week after a five-month absence. For Sept. 20-26, it beefed up its flight to 25,630 spots from 24,600 the week before, rising 14-11.

The latest tally sports a total of eight Wireless & Internet Service advertisers, led by the aforementioned DuckDuckGo holding steady at No. 2 with 51,519 detections. From there it’s a long way to No. 48 where DirectTV Stream holds court with 12,835 spots. It’s followed at No. 54 by NBC Universal’s push for the Peacock streaming service (12,154), T-Mobile at No. 64 (10,671), Metro By T-Mobile at No. 80 (8,753), Total Wireless at No. 93 (7,400), and Walt Disney Co.’s Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle at No. 97 (6,831). The other Wireless & Internet Service entries are promos for iHeartMedia’s iHeartRadio service (No. 1 with 82,608), and its Black Information Network (No. 74 with 9,685).

A total of six advertisers in the Banks-Credit Unions-Mortgage-Finance Service category dot the top 100, with Bank of America out front at No. 12 with 25,211 airings. BoA is followed by Capital One at No. 17 (21,655), Rocket Mortgage at No.18 (21,054), Discover at No. 34 (15,631), Truist Bank at No. 71 (9,832) and Marcus, the banking service from Goldman Sachs, at No. 76 (9,385).

For the week of Sept 20-26, 2021, the top 10 on the Media Monitors compilation are iHeartRadio at 1, DuckDuckGo at 2, Indeed at 3, Progressive at 4, Upside Services at 5, Lowe’s at 6, McDonald’s at 7, GEICO at 8, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 9 and the “Dougherty Gang” podcast at 10.

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